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At the heart of it all, Passion exists to see a generation stake their lives on what matters most. For us, that's the fame of the One who rescues and restores, and the privilege we have to fully leverage our lives by amplifying His name in everything we do.

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Given the fact that the university landscape changes every fall with a rush of new freshman faces, Passion's mission is to continue to engage the "university moment," with the compelling message of Jesus and the story He is writing around the globe.

To that end, Passion 2012 is more than just another event, it's a beautiful part of a movement that's about finding true meaning as we take our place in a story so much bigger than ourselves. It's about trading small dreams for a grand epic that is shaping history and has no end. And it's about a rare chance for tens of thousands of university-aged young people to gather in celebration of their common faith purpose.

In years past we have hosted multiple venues at our Atlanta gathering, but in 2012 we are moving across the street into the Georgia Dome, a larger venue we are setting at half-house so we can all see each other's faces in one shared space.

Passion 2012 was a unique gathering, one that most likely will not be repeated in 2013. We want you to be there… and we are inviting you to join the movement for His renown!led worship in churches, stadiums and open fields around the world, UNITED’s Live In Miami is the first live album from the band in four years and features 22-tracks all captured during the band’s sold out worship night in Miami. In 2011, best-selling modern worship band Hillsong UNITED brought a new and fresh approach to tours, visuals, songs and multimedia to the U.S. for the widely successful ‘Aftermath’ Tour. The tour logged sold out worship nights in venues across the country - from New York to Los Angeles (where the band became the first Christian band to sell out Staples Center) and back east to Miami where the CD and DVD were recorded.


01. Hillsong United - Intro + Go

02. Hillsong United - Search My Heart

03. Hillsong United - The Stand

04. Hillsong United - Take it All

05. Hillsong United - Mighty To Save

06. Hillsong United - Oh You Bring

07. Hillsong United - Like an Avalanche

08. Hillsong United - With Everything

09. Matt Redman Ft. LZ7 - 27 Million (Rise Up)

10. Kristian Stanfill - I'm Not Ashamed

11. David Crowder Band - All This Glory

12. Lecrae - Background (Ft. Tedashii & Canon)

13. Christy Nockels - Great God

14. Christy Nockels - How I Love You

15. Christy Nockels - Waiting Here For You

16. Chris Tomlin - Yahweh

17. Chris Tomlin - Lay Me Down

18. Chris Tomlin - Altar of our Praise

19. Chris Tomlin - You Are The One

20. Chris Tomlin - How Great Is Our God (World Edition)

21. Chris Tomlin - Our God

22. Chris Tomlin - I Have Decided

23. Chris Tomlin - White Flag

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  1. Anonymous Said,'> April 14, 2012 at 2:07 AM

    The Passion sounds really amazing holy spirit felt, i wasn't able to make it but by hearing the audio sounds of that night i just had nothing but chills running dowm my spine, man the presence of God was really in that place that night.


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