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Hillsong has released their third Christmas worship album composed of Christmas songs led by the Hillsong Church in the middle of November. Above is the official music video of 'Born is the King' from Hillsong - Born is the King (2011) Christmas EP album. This EP contains 8 tracks of classic Christmas songs arranged by Hillsong including two self-written songs 'Born is the King' and 'Emmanuel'.

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Summer is well on its way. The days are warmer. There are late night swims in the pool. Cicadas are chirping on balmy nights and the smell of bbq’s cooking fill our neighbourhood. Saturdays are spent lying on the beach, we eat fish and chips watching the sun sink late into the night, the days are longer. And that can only mean one thing…..it's almost Christmas.

This week we launched our 'Born is the King' video clip on YouTube. My kids and our creative team had the pleasure of creating it for you to watch….there are forest scenes, a tree house, lots of kids, a 3 metre * 3 metre gift box and a treasure hunt… but….no snow.

For many of you I am sure that is unexpected. However for our family and for our Australian Church, for the first time in a long time…on the screen they see a scene that they love – a warm sunny day, summer Christmas, smiles all round, friends and family and the best reason of all to celebrate – Jesus.

This is Christmas Down under. We many not have weather in common. There may not be snow, we may not be singing “sleigh ride” or “chestnuts roasting by an open fire”….but we do share a common love for a baby born in a manger in obscurity in israel over 2000 years ago. God incarnate. God amongst us. The greatest reason to sing this year….sun or snow. And I know what we will be singing…..”dudu du du du du du…. Born is the King….It's Christmas time “….and we hope you will be joining us.

Cass Langton

(Hillsong Creative Department Head)

Article via HillsongCollected

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