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[Joel Houston at Masterclasses I Heart Worship & Justice]

Main Speaker for 1st Night Rally – Snr Pastor Brian Houston

So we got to the Arena on time BUT because it was open to the General public, we were waiting outside for over and hour at the door because the Arena was PACKED!!!!!

What Pastor Brian Houston spoke about was something that we should all learn to know – Momentum, that life does not stop that though it seems like it is meeting opposition, keep going. God has called you towards a dream – pursue it all the way.

And although the above is great, I learned more from my wait outside the arena.

When we were standing out there, people has all sorts of complaints, I too had a few of my own, but the moment I heard the explanation for why things were running as they were, my heart was melted.

The reason why every night this year is OPEN to the public, is the same reason as to why they do not announce which speaker will be speaking at which night rally. And that reason is this – that it is ALL about God. Not about the speakers, not about the church itself, but about making God accessible to all. It is about GOD.

In a society like today where mega churches are known to fall the hardest, I am glad to see one know its ultimate reason for existence. It practices what it preaches. It is never about us, and always about GOD!

[Israel Houghton at Hillsong Conference 2010]

Hillsong Conference this year has been amazing. I have learned a lot so far but most importantly, what has captured my heart more is the SPUR.

The spur to keep going, even against opposition.

The resolution one must possess.

Spiritual longevity.

[Fight against hunger]

And I will admit that the question of a future spouse never escapes a young adult who is single and searching. In a crowd of 25,000 Christians, all gathered together, 77 nations represented. One wo wonders about “that” question, well, that is simply normal. Isn’t it?

I am not ashamed of the gospel, I am in search of the one thing that REALLY MATTERS.

What captured my heart is that it is ALL ABOUT PEOPLE.

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