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Recorded live at the Generation Unleashed conference in Portland OR, thousands of young people were united in passion for Jesus Christ and boldly declared His saving power. Overflowing with compassion, joy and praise for the Savior?s transforming power, this album will come alive and inspire you to proclaim the work He is doing in you and through you.

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Generation Unleashed hails from the great Northwest’s city of Portland, Oregon. Sonically, the guitar-driven group, often compared to Hillsong United, is known for their passionate songwriting style, intimate worship moments and aggressive, loud musical stylings.

More than a band, GU represents a movement that annually hosts over 8,000 teenagers to their worship and lifestyle conference held in January and February, making the gathering one of the nation’s largest of its kind. Spearheaded by pastor Doug Lasit and worship leaders Donna Lasit, Jeremy Scott and Jordan Filip; Generation Unleashed is an outreach of Portland’s City Bible Church which impacts the city at 3 separate church sites in addition to a weekly service with Portland State University.

Created in 1993 out of a smaller youth conference called “Conquest,” Generation Unleashed has since developed from those early days of meeting in a church gymnasium to two conferences that host over 8,000 students each year. The conferences consist of general sessions and breakout sessions with age specific workshops for junior high, high school, college and youth pastors. The aim of the GU conferences is to connect with youth and youth leaders alike – guiding them through an inspiring and refreshing worship experience.

Generation Unleashed’s ministry expands beyond their annual conferences. GU leads weekly “Worship Workshops” that teach students the foundation of worship ministry. The “Worship Workshops” help these young musicians and worship leaders learn how to lead worship, write set lists and gives instruction on how to avoid the typical pitfalls of a worship service.

Generation Unleashed is now set to broaden the call of their worship movement to reach beyond conferences and weekly services and into hands of listeners everywhere with the release of their self-titled project. Marking the group’s first-ever national release, this debut project, recorded live, features 14 innovative worship tracks including an incredible new interpretation of the Maranatha! Music classic, “I Love You Lord” and powerful worship anthems “Always,” “Saved My Soul” and “All Things Through Christ.” At the production helm, Adam Watts and Andy Dodd, best known for their work on Jeremy Camp, High School Musical, and the Hannah Montana albums, receive credit for mixing Generation Unleashed.

Experience worship unleashed from Generation Unleashed.


Donna Lasit (vocals, keys/ songwriter)

Donna Lasit describes worship as her everything. “It’s the thing that gets me out of bed,” explains Donna. “It changes my perspective. It leads me in everything in life. Worship is a blessing that we get to bring before God.”

Donna started writing worship songs when she was 16 years old. The first songs she wrote were, in her words, “love songs to God.” These songs, over one thousand, were intimate expressions of her deepest desire to know her creator.

Now, along with her husband Doug, Donna leads Generation Ministries at City Bible Church. Her number one passion is for young people to find their source of strength and understanding from God and not become driven by culture or outside sources. She encourages young people to be innovative. “I love seeing young people write songs that are true originals – songs and melodies that come from God,” notes Donna.

This is an attitude that rings true in Donna’s own writing. Over the years, writing has always been a channel that helps her express what is in, and weighing heavy on, her heart. Donna hopes that the music she writes provides a way to bring worshippers closer to God. She describes Generation Unleashed as worship that is fueled by a passion for God and the Church – in many ways similar to the same passion that drove her to write those first, private ‘love songs to God’ so many years ago.

Jeremy Scott (vocals, guitar/ songwriter)

Jeremy Scott has a passion to see young people led to the Lord. “I love to see younger musicians and worshippers getting raised up in the church,” notes Jeremy. “I believe that God is raising up young people through the nation to do something special in worship today and for the future.” With this in mind then, it’s no surprise that Jeremy was young when he first felt the call to lead worship.

At age 15, he began playing drums and piano for his youth group. After being told he was “too loud,” Jeremy moved to playing the electric guitar. Still too loud, according to his youth pastor, Jeremy eventually found his way to leading worship with an acoustic guitar.

Jeremy draws inspiration in his writing directly from God’s Word and being in His presence. “When the presence of God hits me – that is when I feel inspired to write,” explains Jeremy. “Most of the time a song will begin out of my own devotional time.” He feels his motivation to write and his inspiration to worship are innately connected. “Worship to me means complete surrender,” says Jeremy. “It’s an opportunity to put everything else aside and put 100% focus on God – to lift him up for who He is and what He’s done.”

Jordan Flip (vocals/ songwriter)

Jordan Flip came to a turning point in his worship ministry about three years ago while attending a conference at City Bible Church. Up until that time, his goal was to deliver an excellent worship service.

While at the conference, God spoke to him about inspiring worshippers to excellent worship. “Teaching a new generation of worshippers, musicians and worship leaders how to invite the presence of God in to the local church became my focus,” says Jordan.

The passion to raise up leaders among the youth of this generation is a core motivation behind Generation Unleashed and why Jordan is a part of the ministry. The leadership team lives out their passion for worship as a lifestyle. “Worship to me is a lifestyle of living before God. I want everything I do on a daily basis to honor and praise Him,” says Jordan. “It is out of the overflow of that lifestyle that I give God worship through music.”

Seeing people moved by God and lives changed from passionate worship fuels this worship leader’s heart. Jordan draws his inspiration to lead from the way he sees the Lord move in the crowd. “We would rather have the right heart and attitude behind the music then to have amazing music with no depth,” he remarks. That fervor for genuine, passionate worship is a signature of Generation Unleashed and the songs on their self-titled debut national release.

Track Listing:

1. Intro

2. Sing

3. Standard

4. Our God Reigns

5. I Am Alive

6. I Will Praise You

7. By The Cross

8. Never Looking Back

9. He Lives

10. Anthem

11. Holding On

12. Saving Power

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  1. xomuel Said,'> February 28, 2011 at 6:20 PM

    "While at the conference, God spoke to him about inspiring worshippers to excellent worship." Such inspiration.

    Generation Unleased: Saving Power (2010) album download 320kb/s:


  2. Canada Said,'> November 11, 2011 at 2:09 PM

    I absolutely love this CD! My favorite track is And Winter Came. Next would be Trains and Winter Rains. The others are phenomenal as well. An earlier post stated this CD has a feel of cynical commercialism. If you go to her web site and listen to her explanation of this CD she states she wanted to do a more modern take on Christmas carols. Now days unfortunately commercialism at Christmas time is just about every where you turn. The only grievance I have with this CD is I miss when in her earlier work she would blend her native Celtic tongue with English and this CD is predominately English. Other than that I would definitely call this CD a winner!


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