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Bethel Music is proud to present their latest live album “Be Lifted High” – a sonically and lyrically refreshing work where God is exalted and His love is on display. This album was created with excellence in mind and combines anointed worship and quality production to create a truly epic album. “Be Lifted High” sets the stage for God to move through these original songs and moments of prophetic worship where you’ll find your passion rises and hunger for the Lord is stirred. This album features Bethel Music artists: Brian and Jenn Johnson, Jeremy Riddle, William Matthews, Amanda Falk, and Steffany Frizzell. Accompanied with the album is a live DVD featuring interviews on worship with Bethel Music Artists with special guests: Bill Johnson and Kris Vallotton.

Download Bethel Live: Be Lifted High album (2011):

Features Worship Leaders Brian and Jenn Johnson, Jeremy Riddle, William Matthews, Amanda Falk, Steffany Frizzell Brian Johnson Reveals For the First Time How He Was Freed from Years of Torment.

Bethel Live releases its all new, full-length recording Be Lifted High Feb. 15, 2011 on Kingsway as a special CD/DVD Digipak combo. Recorded live at Bethel Church in Redding, CA, the album features worship leaders Brian and Jenn Johnson, Jeremy Riddle, William Matthews, Amanda Falk and Steffany Frizzell. Be Lifted High picks up where Here Is Love (Nov. 2010) left off and is being distributed in the US through EMI CMG Distribution.

Be Lifted High includes 13 songs recorded live over a series of Bethel Church worship services and features the passionate, genuine and spontaneous worship of the church. The songs capture the heart of a growing movement as the bonus DVD features interviews on worship with Bill Johnson, Bethel Church sr. pastor; Kris Vallotton, Bethel Church sr. associate pastor; Brian and Jenn Johnson, Jeremy Riddle and other Bethel Music artists. The DVD also includes personal stories from the artists of how worship has changed their lives, including Brian Johnson sharing in detail for the first time the story of how the power of praise freed him from years of spiritual torment.

“There are moments in worship where the power of God invades so strongly through the creative medium of music that a deep connection between us and our heavenly Father is born,” says Brian Johnson, who along with his wife Jenn are the senior worship pastors at Bethel Church and oversee the Bethel School of worship. “Our desire is to pursue and capture these moments so that believers across the globe can enter into that experience and encounter Him.”

“God is really pouring out during our corporate worship times at Bethel this much deeper understanding of his love; just how passionate He is for His people. God’s love is furious; it’s like no other force,” says Jeremy Riddle, known for his hit single “Sweetly Broken” that was No. 1 on the K-LOVE Radio Network for over 40 weeks in 2007 and who has toured with Rebecca St. James, Big Daddy Weave and Brenton Brown. Quoting the song “Furious” from Be Lifted High, Riddle continues, “We’ve only glimpsed His vast affections, heard whispers of His heart and His passion. That kind of revelation of His love, that is what changes people, that is what brings people to repentance. That is what transforms nations, cities and neighborhoods.”


“Be Lifted High” from Bethel Music is the worship ministry at Bethel Church in Redding, California. Bethel Music is also the home of Jesus Culture: Kim Walker-Smith, Chris Qualia. This CD features original music from well known worship leaders- Brian and Jenn Johnson, Jeremy Riddle (“Sweetly Broken”); as well as, lesser known- worship leaders- Stephanie Frizzel and William Matthews. The CD opens up with the Hillsong-esque “You Are Good”. This song has been on previous Bethel projects- but has been retooled and revamped to a completely new song. Next up, “One Thing Remains” is an amazing song with one of the catchiest choruses I’ve heard in a long time in a worship song “Your love never fails/ never gives up/ never runs out on me…” (This song was also featured on Jesus Culture’s newest album- Come Away.) This version is a little more congregation accessible. I will tell you from experience- you will be singing this song all the time. “Furious” brings in Jeremy Riddle in a straight up rock track that is so good- you will instantly fall in love with it.

“God I look to You” and “I Will Exalt” are some of the female-fronted songs and they are beautiful, especially the latter song. William Matthew’s “Hope Anthem” and “Deep Cries Out To Deep” are awesome songs to worship to whether it’s in a personal time of worship or teaching to a corporate body. “Deep Cries out to deep” is probably one of my favorite songs on the record- the melody is just instantly catchy. “God of the Redeemed” brings Jeremy Riddle back for a slower track that would fit perfectly in any Sunday morning set list. The album closes with “One Thirst and Hunger”- co-led by the vocally talented, Stephanie Frizzel and Jeremy Riddle. It really is a heart cry. So powerful- You get swept up into the worship as they push through the song and finally sing the bridge: “We wait for you to come and show your Glory here today…” It is a powerful time of worship and the listener knows it- they can feel it. Needless to say- I’m a huge fan of this album. I think that it has gems that both worship leaders and worshippers can find in it. It’s such a powerful album! Happy worshiping!” – MusicMan

Track Listing:

1. You Are Good

2. One Thing Remains

3. Furious

4. Be Lifted High

5. God I Look to You

6. I Will Exalt

7. What Would I Have Done

8. Hopes Anthem

9. Love Came Down

10. Deep Cries Out

11. God of the Redeemed

12. Forever and a Day

13. One Thirst

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    International recognized pastor Bill Johnson's church released a wonderful album. Nicely done.

    download bethel live: be lifted high album (2011)


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