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Hillsong Live returns with an all-new album entitled, A Beautiful Exchange. Recorded at Hillsong Church in Australia, these powerful worship songs explore themes including sacrifice & redemption (“A Beautiful Exchange”), extraordinary love (“God Is Love”), and comforting hope (“Forever Reign”) which is also the first radio single and looks to be a song that will be quickly adopted by churches everywhere. Hillsong Live albums are moving experiences led by worship leaders including Reuben Morgan, Joel Houston, and Darlene Zschech to name a few. Other key songs include: “I Will Believe” & “The One Who Saves”.

We highly recommend purchasing the CD/DVD once its out. We will definitely purchase the products; the low quality versions of these music does not compare to the actual quality of the music itself! Support Hillsong church as they have provided us with uplifting music!

Watch the "Behind Scenes" of Hillsong Live's 2009 - Faith + Hope + Love album:

Interesting Facts:

- Joel Houston mentions within the video that even towards minutes before recording night that they are unsure about the lyrics!

- The song "Believe" sung by Darlene Zschech in the upcoming Hillsong Live - A Beautiful Exchange album has a different musical arrangement on the CD to the DVD.

- The song "You" sung by Hillsong United's frontman Joel Houston has changed the a part of its song lyrics AFTER the track recording at 1:50 minutes from "make my life transparent" to "make me more transparent" which sounds more fitting and easier to sing. Something to keep in mind if you're teaching this song in your local church.

Here's a more recent video of Hillsong Live - You from the "A Beautiful Exchange", months after the the actual album recording. Pay attention to the lyrics:

- Hillsong's has made the 'WHOA' worship battle-cry (what I'd like to call it) a recurring element. Here are some songs where it's been or some element of the worship battle-cry has been exercised:

Hillsong United - All of The Above Album: SOLUTION

Hillsong Live - This is Our God Album: YOUR NAME HIGH, WITH EVERYTHING

Hillsong United - Tear Down The Walls Album: NO REASON TO HIDE, ARMS OPEN WIDE, YOUR NAME HIGH

Hillsong Live - Faith + Hope + Love Album: FOR YOUR NAME, IT'S YOUR LOVE, NO REASON TO HIDE


- U2 inspired 8th dotted delay on electric guitars has been an recurring element post UNITED WE STAND albums (listen to the lead electric picking line from [UNITED WE STAND album] Hillsong United - The Time Has Come). An individual has commented that this guitar effect is nickname'd, "The Mosquito" in their church!

- Hillsong Live - The First and the Last lyrics changed during post production. At the live recording, the second last line sings "God of all days, Lord there is no one like You" is what we currently here on the CD "Calling the light, with all the earth we will sing". There's more to it as mentioned in the COMMENT section. Pay attention to the lyrics:

- Hillsong post-production team for album recordings has proven to be awesome. In Hillsong Live - 'God One and Only' the drums part in the bridge is different to the track recording off the album FAITH + HOPE + LOVE. Watch the camcorded version of it at the live recording HERE (at 1:23 minutes onwards) and compare it with the actual track recording HERE.

Surely by now we realize that live recording albums do require significant post-production work to bring forth quality standards.

If you find anymore interesting facts, do let us know!



1. Our God Is Love (Joel Houston and Scott Ligertwood)

2. Open My Eyes (Reuben Morgan and Braden Lang)

3. Forever Reign (Jason Ingram and Reuben Morgan)

4. The One Who Saves (Ben Fielding)

5. Like Incense / Sometimes (Brooke Ligertwood and Rich Mullins)

6. Greatness Of Our God (Jason Ingram, Stu Garrard and Reuben Morgan)

7. The Father’s Heart (Gio Galanti)

8. You (Joel Houston)

9. Love Like Fire (Matt Crocker)

10. Believe (Darlene Zschech and Reuben Morgan)

11. Beautiful Exchange (Joel Houston)

12. Thank You (Reuben Morgan and Ben Fielding)


13. Hillsong London “The Answer” (Bonus Feature)

14. Hillsong London “God Our Salvation” (Bonus Feature)

15. Hillsong London “For All You Are (With You Are Good)” (Bonus Feature)

16. Hillsong London “All Things New” (Bonus Feature)

17. Hillsong London “Glorious One (With To Bring You Glory)” (Bonus Feature)

18. Documentary “A Beautiful Exchange: Behind the Scenes” (Bonus Feature)

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  1. Reggie Said,'> June 21, 2010 at 2:22 AM

    From my understanding, they suggest that the album was recorded over one night in November, but that can't be right because Darlene was in Houston, TX the night of the album recording. She was leading worship at Lakewood Church that whole weekend. I know because I saw her do it. So the songs she sings in this album in must have been done on a different night.

    I don't know much more about this upcoming album other than stuff from blogs, but from Faith+Hope+Love, I know that the lyrics for First and The Last were changed post-production quite drastically, in particular the pre-choruses. If the original recording is still floating around on youtube, you can see for yourself. And you can also tell in the DVD when then opt for far-away shots whenever Joel hits a pre-chorus. I think the changes do work better than the original though


  2. xlol Said,'> June 21, 2010 at 2:41 AM

    Well the 'Mega prayer + Worship night' was done 8th of November 2009. Australia is probably approximately 12-24 hours ahead in front of Houston?

    You are correct about the Hillsong Live - First and the Last. You're comment made me look it up! Very interesting! Yeah, I agree their changes do work better than the original :)


  3. Anonymous Said,'> June 25, 2010 at 3:28 AM

    Darlene led the worship at the recording at the Hillsong Hills Campus on the Sunday Night the week before the Mega prayer night. I know as I was there.


  4. Anonymous Said,'> January 26, 2011 at 3:21 PM

    didnt realize the post production work done.

    very interesting..

    download hillsong live - a beautiful exchange 320kb/s


  5. Anonymous Said,'> February 8, 2011 at 4:43 PM

    didnt realize the post production efforts done!!

    download hillsong live - a beautiful exchange 320kb/s


  6. DT Said,'> February 13, 2012 at 2:06 AM

    When you think it deeply, is sad thinking that we have neglected so much the originality of sound and cling so much in doing the "perfect stuff" By looking at these videos posted here this is what i call "LIVE-LIVE" with all the small musical mistakes.


  7. DT Said,'> February 13, 2012 at 2:26 AM

    I mean listen to this:

    Doesn't it sound sooo original???? Darlene and the team singing with no "computer" arrangement


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