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What's happening people!?

We've added a new NAVIGATION button on top which will allow viewers to quickly access all posts related to the label within. In this example we clicked Hillsong United, and the result would be: all posts related to Hillsong United easily accessed in a single mouse click! Similarly the CHURCH VIDEOS button will bring viewers to our video page. If you like to return to our homepage, then just click our HOME button directly.

You may already know that there's Subscription and RSS Feed options to this web log - so now you can can be the first to get fresh content as soon as it's published. It's simple! Either go to the navigation bar and let your mouse hover over HOME > RSS. Alternatively at the right side bar under 'CONNECT: RSS/EMAIL' click the feed button. Please note that we have changed our RSS feed URL!

Our new RSS Feed URL is: http://feeds.feedburner.com/thechurchtoolsblog

By clicking either RSS like the first picture or Atom on the second image-example brings you to a webpage that displays my whole post collections in a go.

If you guys wanna share with your friends some content from this blog, use the SHARE THIS Button - it's very simple! Very quick and no hassle!

Please don't republish full posts without my direct permission. Feel free to quote anything from this blog within reason [ie - a paragraph or two is normal] with a link to it as a source, but keep in mind this is copyrighted material. Thanks.

What is RSS and Why should I Care?

Good standard questions! Here's why you should care.

Unlike getting any website updates by email, RSS feeds give you absolute, 100% complete control over the situation. You don't have to reveal your email address. If you want to stop receiving content, no need to request to be taken off the list if you find that a hassle. Nevertheless, THECHURCHTOOLS' email subscribers are only allowed information posted on this weblog to your email address. It will never share, trade, sell, deliever, reveal. publicize or market your email address in any way, shape, or form - guaranteed no spam whatsoever.

Basically if you don't like the content, of the site you receive your feed, you can make it disappear as fast as you change a TV channel: just one click, and poof... subscription is gone. Convenient isn't it?

What is RSS?

RSS is simply an Internet technology standard that allows busy people to receive updates to web-based content of interest. You might have figured that much by now. But basically, that's the essence of an RSS feed - you subscribe and then receive new content automatically in your feed reader. If you want to read more on how it works, click here.

What is a feed reader?

You may be already using a form of feed reader and not even realize it. If you use personalized home page services like My Yahoo or My MSN, you've got RSS capabilities built in. That's how syndicated content like news, weather and stock quotes appear on your personal page. You can also add content from any blog or other site that uses RSS to provide updates.

If you use Firefox browser, you can also receive RSS feeds from your tool bar by using the Live Bookmarks function. Internet Explorer 8 has this ability as well. Google Chrome has some extension add-ons that are free to download.

Lastly, there's desktop-based feed readers like Newsgator and Feed Demon which function like an email program for feeds.

There we have it, a quick walk-through of RSS.

What's your thoughts on this? Leave your comment!
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